Information for SUBMISSIVE applicants

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Information for SUBMISSIVE applicants

Postby Hunipet Delicioso » Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:32 pm

House of V offers a quality Protected submissive Program for submissives that are recently released, new to D/s or who feel that they need the protection for any other reason. The protected submissive tag and mentoring system provides a safe haven from the predators while learning the basics of the lifestyle.

How the Program works in practice is that each protected sub has access to experienced, hand picked mentors that offer guidance in the lifestyle, information on basic terminology, topics such as sub frenzy, sub drop, sub space, limits, safe words, red flags, protocol, tips on interviewing dominants and many others. Your mentor will provide you with additional topics to research on your own and report back with what you discovered.

Your mentor is an experienced member of the community and should be treated with respect that the position deserves. They can be viewed as friend/sister/brother who can help with questions and advice from their viewpoint. However, it is up to each protected sub/mentee to find out for themselves what they are looking for and how they see the BDSM world. There is no one way or right/wrong way to practice BDSM... there is only your way that fits what feels right to you and meets your needs.

This Program is for the submissive or slave that has a genuine and serious desire to learn about the lifestyle. The Program is not meant to be a playground or a way to find a Dom/Master!! For this reason, there is a selection process involved in picking participants.

There are few things that potential applicants need to be aware of:

1) You should be member of the friend group before applying.

2) The protected submissive tag does protect you from Member's Day (Claim Day) rules. The exception to this is if you are employed as a dancer at the House of V. When working a shift on Claim Day, your participation in the Program does not protect you from being claimed.

3) You are not property of your mentor or of the House of V in any way, you can remove your tag when ever you wish. It is not a collar.

4) Your mentor is here to help you grow/learn so he/she should be treated with due respect. Understand though, that you will be doing your own work on your journey. No cheating and copy/paste information from the internet. They are here to help, be a sounding board, ask questions, guide you... but this is *your* journey. You will get out of the program as much as you put in. Minimal effort = minimal results.

5) You can also confidentially request change of your assigned mentor at any time from the Manager (HuniPet Delicioso) or Director (Willow Stratten) of the Program.

6) Requesting the protected submissive tag does not guarantee that you get it. If you do not meet the requirements of the Program or your behavior necessitates it, it can be removed.

If after reading this you feel that the protected submissive program is for you, contact HuniPet Delicioso for an interview.

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