POLE OF DESIRE: Erotic emotes for club dancers (working doc)

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POLE OF DESIRE: Erotic emotes for club dancers (working doc)

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(This post is a working document to help with emotes, and will be under constant revision. The categories are far from fixed, and many emotes were hastily recorded in the midst of the chaos of a nightclub filled with active people. The photo sequence, "Yoru dances," was photographed in the House of V by Jama (jama.junot). Thanks, Jama!)

POLE OF DESIRE: Erotic emotes for club dancers


Erotic dancers are chameleons on the pole of desire, mistresses of seductive disguises, tigresses prowling your dreams, butterflies of passion fluttering pangs of pleasure deep inside your fantasies. Dancers on the poles of desire morph guilelessly, as from a kiss to cunnilingus.


Imagine you are dancing in the bustling House of V, a nightclub in Second Life, lost in the music of your favorite DJ. You hear one of the dancing girls say something sexy in open chat, an erotic emote, as she swings around the upright dancing pole, and your imagination comes alive with the sensual images she whispers. Yoru describes the dancing pole as a desirable "uncurve," contrasting it with the primal curve of her pussy as it twines from the button on her belly down past the lush pubic hair, glistening darkly, pointing downwards to the puckering, swelling, labial nether-lips concealing the clitorus, slipping further around her slit, narrowing in tender, divinely tender flesh that begs to be pinched, to slide away at last to the mysterious anus, pretty thing, root of every body's constitution, and thence from between smooth buttcheeks to vanish in the creamy small of her back. Curves are natural, but there is something very attractive about the hardness of a dancing pole to the girls working it.


And there in the audience the erotic entertainer sees dark outlines of hardened men in tight pants moving confidently in the shadows, their manly curves arching lusciously upwards, aiming at her heart.


Brave dancers, please note that it is not my intention to advise you to copy and paste slavishly the erotic emotes in this post. These are spontaneous emotes, uttered hurriedly in the midst of guests coming and going, chattering amid innuendos, dancers greeting new arrivals, DJs creating music worlds, IMs bustling for attention, and perhaps a hundred other distractions and inspirations. If you like, you may freely use what little may be of use to you--I wish you to harvest love. Please read these emotes so you may use them as models, templates, or examples to create lines of passion that you feel and create for yourself. Play with erotic words and sensual dancing, guide chatter into seductive channels, change into sexy outfits showing your natural body, for it is the same body the universe chose to give you to propagate the planet with the people around you, your audience, your hungry voyeurs, the same who will reach out to you in their dreams, snuggling for a moment more under the sheets before waking to their worlds of reality. Create a tropical paradise in their mind, a green jungle buzzing with life, a serene zone high in alpine silence, a soothing, primeval refuge touching your Second Life lover's body with eyes and words before descending into the storm of Real Life below.




"Oops! These white panties allow my pubic hair to peek out above the lace--they are so skimpy and skin tight--perhaps you will recognize my love triangle later in your dreams? Sleep well with our dancers posing on your drooping eyelids, darlings... "

Make this happen for me sweetness, burn these images on my mind's eye, make me able to see you when I close my eyes to dream of deep satisfaction and tender touch--let me visualize your manhood's massive force for pleasure... "

Yoru glances over at the luscious Inya on the pole opposite her…how can you not treat your eyes to such beauty? Remember her tonight as you close your eyes to sleep...

Yoru puckers to give you a wet kiss, whispering, "I will give you hot, sweet, sexy dreams tonight, yes baby, you got some tossing and turning to do with Yoru in your head!”

Dancers karissa and Yoru and DJ Sweets are the fresh cream in the middle of a cake sandwich made of silky smooth love... all to be found in your dreams after visiting House of V--and isn't it nice our brave officers make all this possible?

With DJ Tsuki playing hot music and Kitten and Yoru dancing almost nude in your mind's eye when later you fall deliciously asleep... the sensual music pulsing in your body... imagine the power of such dreams a moment...

You know what I am talking about--that night by the river, below the waterfall, the rushing water cooling the air around our hot avs, the passion growing, until I ran away and you chased me -- so happy you caught me :) It was dark dark night--like a dream... shall we meet again tonight in just such a dream?

I must be getting off on this pole *giggles* can't seem to remember where I put those panties... Well, they were just see-through lace and very skimpy, would fit into just about anyone's pocket :) for later use they will be useful. Think of the little dancer with the delicate perfume and breath deeply and fall asleep in an erotic dream...

UNDERGARMENTS (to attract viewer attention)

Yoru looks down and realizes she forgot to put on panties this morning--naughty Yoru!

Sexy friends, I have proof that our dancers are not only visibly sensual, they are for the most part missing key components of clothing... There is not a pair of panties among the lot of them!

Yoru clings to her panties, but likes it that your eyes are tearing them off her lithe body...

Oh my! This virtual baby blue bra is very transparent--my breasts keep popping out of it! But it gives free playroom for my pink-nippled breasts--and the feeling of freedom is nice--do you like freedom of breasts, too, darling?

Yoru looks around sleepily--a vivid wet dream still beckoning to her from her pillow--oh my, did I forget my bra this morning? no no I got my baby blue virtual bra on--but really it barely covers my puckered, pointed nipples ....

Oh! If you like a woman's buttcheeks, ass, derriere, you know, female bottoms-- this is the perfect dance for you ;)

How embarrassing --while changing outfits this new mesh body is completely naked... how naughty are the dancers of House of V!

Yoru is a little unorganized this evening--did she remember to put on panties? Usually she would remember them by color, but she has so many, and just thinking about her pantie collection makes her wet... do you like panties, too, darlings? Tell me the color you prefer...

Whatever had she been thinking? Oh yes, she remembers that her lover had distracted her while dressing and she couldn't find her bra in their disheveled bed... oh and is he here again to torment me with his erotic thoughts? Dangerous, delicious IM incoming... I can feel the anticipation below my tummy already...

Yoru looks over and sees some hot underwear on a delicious couple who know that boundaries are as liquid as their imaginations. Vivid sexual innuendo radiates from the woman's panties, her love-triangle glows in the dark, illuminating the dark shadows of the club... Oh! what are they doing over there?! May I play, too? *winks*

Oh my... when I lean over, my butt sticks out of my feather tutu and what do you think!? I forgot to put on panties again this morning! <--bad Yoru... Don't look, you naughty people!

Yoru changes into a different sexy outfit and peeks out at the audience bashfully, conscious of her almost nude body... such pretty, silky undies...

Yoru shuffles around in her inventory, searching for a spare pair of panties, and while down there keeps an eye out for bras too--seems she forgot them both on the way to work this morning --oops! <--bad bad girl this dancer Yoru--you shouldn't look at her she will have a naughty influence on your wardrobe!

They say white is the color of innocence? Oh, Yoru... do you dare wear your white panties?

Yoru pulls her bra straps out wide on both sides, then lets them snap back with a loud *THWACK!* “I don’t feel like taking my bra off yet!”

Oh my... no bra or panties with this outfit at all! But the silky butterfly wings flow over my body so lightly one doesn't notice... I do hope it's not distracting...

THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS (acknowledging tips)

Yoru slips off her pole and stealthily moves closer to Miss Xoxo, quietly closer, but not close enough to touch, just enough that the wet kiss she blows is still moist when it hits Miss Xoxo full on her lips... ahhh those lips, pink lips, she wonders at their power to satisfy.... merci beaucoup la belle dame tigresse!!

Yoru looks around, searching for the generous person who just left her honey -- it is kindness to sweeten the tip of her tongue -- how nice of you, Sir C, you shall reap the sweet rewards of your generosity anon!

Yoru pauses in her erotic dance to scan the audience for that special av who was so kind to her... spots her... then glides off her pole, steps silently on her ballet shoes across the dance floor, circles around to kiss the back of Miss Xoxo's neck--only just a swift brush with the tip of her tongue, so recently sweetened by the kind donation to this humble dancing girl... thank you, darling... I am at your service...

I tip-toe to you, handsome man, and stretch up and kiss you for that act of kindness to this insignificant dancing girl :)


Yoru acknowledges the claim with a bow of acceptance, brushing her lips on the handsome Doctor's rough, masculine chin... her heart skips a beat--remembering the valleys and peaks of pleasure they have experienced in the past and wondering what will happen to her heart once it is again in his grasp--and the stubble on his chin, it rasps her nether-lips in exquisite, painful ways...

Yoru is convinced she had in some former life had a desperately dangerous affaire with a man of great power, --was it someone like Sir C, the doctor?? It's not clear *smiles* but anyway--hot men make me excited ... you know ... all over my body... And when they claim me? I simply melt off my dancing pole at their feet!


DJ Raven!! It's my lucky day to dance when her music makes it soooo easy to lose yourself in sensual fantasies. Just look at her, she is so hot she could be an erotic dancer in the House of V!

Yoru is immersing herself in the music now... thinking about last night's lovemaking makes her want more... And DJ Sweets is making it sooooo effortless to dance, to romance, to let go... to give all...

Hey *smiles* ... Xoxo, you hot hot hot dancer of the House of V... did you sneak down to the mall and buy some more sexy outfits? I wanna go too!

Ohhhh the heat of the erotic dancer flowing in the music of DJ Droz at House of V! Drink her image, savour her words, go with her to the ends of your imagination!

Juicy ladies of the erotic dancing poles Xoxo and Yoru will make your eyes hunger for more...

Yoru smiles and twirls, kicks her legs up in the direction of the voice of hot music, DJ Lily, and her eyes drift to the other avs --then to the beautiful dancer Lucy, and she cannot help herself, the apparitions of intense sensuality are too impassioning-- she needs both hands to hold herself steady on the stage...

Dancing when DJ Eggy is here is like going to Hawai'i for the holidays... so hot and wet!!

Oh! DJ Marianne--It is like a little cricket chirping in my tummy, just above my panties, when you say my name...

It is so nice, the cool night air on my nude skin--well not quite nude, I have a tattoo and a necklace on so I am not soooo naughty! Wow DJ Sweets has a sexy voice...

Come here and watch your House of V dancers closer, darlings... Lucy and Alma and Yoru will make you a nice warm cup of dancer-tea with a squirt of girl juice, and DJ Lily will shake it up and splash it onto your thirsty tongues while she spills music into your hungry ears!

Yoru runs her slender fingers over her silky soft body, from her neck to her thighs, tempting all the pretty avs to watch, swaying to the sultry music of DJ Raven, a willing accomplice to the intense sexual heat consuming the House of V…

Oohhh what hunk has invaded my House of V dreamworld tonight? A male erotic dancer on the pole opposite. Rick! So close almost to catch your scent... come closer still...

Oh my! From the erotic DJ Lucar's frying pan into the sensual DJ Hunter's fire! Mmmm soon we eat "dessert à la Yoru!" *smiles and throws pink-lipped kisses*

Yoru slips into a music-induced dream of her weekend capricious encounters--did that really all happen? She holds her breath, wondering at her capacity for sex... this music just sends me into a reverie of sensuality-- DJ Raven rocks!

Come darlings, dance with me... it's for a good cause -- passion! :) and with our hot HoV DJ Raven, what can be sweeter below the tummy?

Yoru looks down and realizes suddenly she put on her sheerest panties... without tats... her pure smooth skin the color of warm island honey, unobstructed and perfumed... and wonders why she is no longer feeling cold -- ahhh it is the lusting gaze on her exposed skin of the guests writhing in the trance of hot DJ axurik's music!


Ohhhh you handsome and beautiful avs in the audience, like tigers in your desire! I wonder what you intend when you whisper such naughty things to the dancers? I wonder what would happen if ever they were set loose on you, alone? *smiles mischieviously*

Yoru sticks her tongue out and licks the air in your direction... oh so naughty thoughts running through her mind...sighing with a soft growl, flaunting her pretty thighs--off with the butterfly silks and on with the ... should I put on anything? let me think while I peel wings of latex off my breasts and thighs...

These new mesh breasts keep popping out the top of my sky-blue virtual corset -- what shall I do? Any "body experts" in the audience? *smiles innocently*

You are new darling? Have you met a certain av ... *whispers in your ear*

Sir Rob... you take my breath away...

Yoru's nimble fingers slowly, teasingly pull the lace thong back up, its shimmering black fabric tracing a rim of slightly rising skin as it moves up over her smooth thighs. She wriggles it closer to the dark pubic triangle it was intended to hide. Don't look! Yoru will tempt you to think naughty!

You know what I am talking about--that night by the river, below the waterfall, the rushing water making our hot avs not in the least cooler, the passion growing, until I ran away and you had to chase me -- so happy you caught me :)

/me changes her almost-nude outfit for something less restraining--*cough*... anyway it's for a nice guest in the audience who likes me... I'll never tell!

/me realizes she put on her makeup rather elegantly tonight, but she had a feeling someone special would come… *gazes across the hungry faces in the audience, searching for a telltale look...*

/me glances down from the stage and sees a sight that instantly makes her wet... the audience is irresistible tonight...

You want to learn to dance like an House of V dancer darling? You can do it! Watch us writhe and shake our bodies and seduce all around us... and listen to our sweet DJ Raven making it so sensual with her music... it's easy! Be your essence, live your sensuality... dance in the park among fragrant flowers with erotic dancers and be free!

/me slips into something a little more dominante-- oh! These boots need an expert tongue-polishing! *looks around with eyes as sharp as a hawks* Any givers?

/me changes quickly into a sexy outfit and peeks out at the audience, hot hot avs she is so curious to know-- her eyes take in the irresistible sight of the powerful and the yielding, the majestic and their lovely adorers *sigh*… lucky we live in SL, lucky we play at the House of V!

/me wonders if all these stunning avs in the club realize just how much the bad girls and guys of the House of V want them? … oops! that came out wrong, I mean *cough* want them to have fun? Passionate fun is a gift of Second Life … of life itself! Come play with us *looks around, at first defiant, then lowers her gaze shyly, embarrassed at her excessive boldness*

Yoru raises her leg high into the air and shifts expertly around in a classic erotic pole girl's revelation of...you know, the spot everyone wants to see in tonight's dream.... oh... tonight? ok, I will meet you there... and I will bring the sandman for extra fun *grins evilly*


/me was just musing, "Everyone wants to taste the fragrant, flowery tea of a natural woman-- gentle rain falling from between soft, aroused thighs... what beverage could one wish for more?"

Oh that's a naughty thought but still nice...the flow of love from between the thighs--the river of creation and desire...

/me takes a walk down Sensual Lane, turns right at the corner with Oh-la-la Avenue and continues until she reaches Down-on-him Square, ahhh she approaches her destination... you know where that is, don't be shy… and you may be free to imagine you are with me, for I am Yoru, your dancing girl from the land of Eros...

/me was reading an erotic story when she glanced up to see the lust in the Doctor's eyes, and asked, "What are you thinking darling? It is a beautiful night... and I was just wondering... can you read my mind?"

Yoru returns out of her reverie and flips back her hair, bites her lip, then runs her hands over the perilous curves of her sensuous body before she snaps her finger like the *crack* of a whip.... .mmmm vanilla or chocolate or lime or berry, when it concerns lovers, I desire all flavors!"

Oh my that sounds imminent! Would someone like to catch me please... I feel I am going to faint from the hot IMs directed at just below my tummy, where erotic feelings originate...

/me slips into her darkest-desire outfit, her mask accentuating hidden passions, sharpening her gaze out. She is a predator on the stage, don't come too close baby, you feel the heat, you smell the perfume mixing with scent of the erotic, athletic dancer... maybe you cannot help yourself...

/me begins a rhythmic, animal groaning interspersed with low moans... combined with soaked panties, it is the sure sign of an aroused woman on the dancing poles of desire...

/me was naked except for ivory-colored panties. A sparse patch of shiny black pubic hair peeked above the silky lace, and between her thighs a darker shade of ivory revealed that she was moist below.

Yoru reaches over and pulls the sweet girl to her, pushing her breasts to Yoru's own, flat together and rubbing back and forth, thrilling at the nipples kissing each other with their sensual puckering...

"Who me? naked? I am known to be naughty but you must have the wrong dancer, darling....why the very fantasy of me nude up here under the hot lights for all to see makes me moisten my panties in arousal... Well, at HoV I think I could get away with it *grins evilly*"


It's much nicer to allow nipples fresh air don't you think? mine are nice and pink from the exposure, and puckered :) Do you hear them whispering your name?

/me feels so sensual in her sheer silk embroidered see-through body suit... it fits her mesh body like a tight film of plastic wrap... Yoru, you have the body of Venus...

/me forgot to fasten her skirt, and so it drops unceremoniously to the floor... did she remember to put on the panties to her new mesh body?

Oh how nice is my skin-tight bikini for my mesh av :) it won't be long until I have to take that off tonight :)

Yoru pretends to rev her motorcycle engine, *Vroom, vroom, vroooooom!!* oh that vibrates between my thighs! why didn't anyone warn me? *laughs in a low, animal tone*

Yoru grins wickedly, raises her matrix-gloved hands to cup her firm, perfect not too-large not-too-small breasts and brushes her fingertips delicately as a feather over those swollen nipples, puckering deliciously… then begins a slow spiraling descent down her pole into a fantasy...



Yoru coos in a low voice laden with honey: “Oh, darling, do you really think you are immune to Japanese Yoru’s charms dancing on the pole of desire? Come a little closer... but not too close! it may burn ... but simultaneously it will feel good so good ..."

/me rolls backwards, her legs splitting, revealing the tight strip of pantie barely covering her sparse, blue-black pubic hair, then closes her thighs with a *clap!* Wouldn't you like to see that again? *smiles knowingly* You may... but do be careful... think of the erotic implications of getting too close...

/me rolls her hips slowly, deliberately making movements of desire, the twisting invitation, the welcoming dance of the female animal. Closer but not too close, darling, this dancer is dangerous *kiss*

/me grinning wickedly, raises her gloved hands to cup her firm, soft breasts and brushes her fingertips delicately over these perfect mammary mounds… “They're all mine, darlings, full, natural breasts on a lithe body, nipples of soft pink…” Her buttocks shimmy provocatively, they, too, perfectly satisfying the wishes of her voyeur audiences.

/me relishes the role of a libertine woman, enjoys the viewing eyes, gestures to you invitingly…. “C’mon sexy, let me entertain you with my pole… we all like nice, smooth, hard poles, pas vrai chéri?”

/me presses her thighs around the pole, sliding on it, hugging it, going down on it, feeling warm waves of intense physical pleasure dancing through her body… oh heat of passion! Sweet passionate pole, you are my new home…

Yoru involuntarily emits a low moan as she feels the reddening strips of soft skin where the straps smacked her flesh last night-- it was date night and besides, I liked it :p

/me sheds some of her armour, delighting in seeing her own thighs emerge from the heavy plates. What a contrast, the softness and pale smooth skin against the black, hard, unforgiving armour... it reminds her of the hard muscles of hard men--and the softness of women--softness enough to melt the hearts of hard men...

Everybody wants to lick my ice cream? Works for me *smiles*

Yoru likes voyeurs... anyway, you think we dance in House of V because we like to be covered in lots of clothes? *laughs and winks languidly at her dancer colleague Kitten on the pole opposite-- hot-pink latex body-suit!!

Yoru delights in wearing tops with one breast showing... it's so tempting to touch the protruding, defenseless nipple! But watch carefully, sweetie, you may be surprised at the velocity of such dancing, swinging, swirling, womanly mounds... don't get too close or you may be BREASTED!!


Oh my! I never thought I'd wear a tutu--it’s just "tooo tooo" if you know what I mean... But I discovered, half a tutu is nice... it shows just enough to make you smile and maybe drool a little in anticipation :)

/me loses some feathers from her tutu--"Oh well! I have lots more!" :))

Oh! When I lean forward, my butt sticks out of my feather tutu and what do you think!? I forgot to put on panties! <--bad Yoru! *tries to hide her most delicious parts to the audience, but fails...*

/me slips into something a little more appropriate for sexy dancing in public, an outfit to make you wish for more, to make you drool a little, to make you wet below, to invade your sleep and overpower you in wet-dreams...

/me is having a hard hard HARD time taking her viewer off fellow-dancer Carl's package ... I think Leesha and I are in for a big big BIG treat after the show *grins evilly* Isn't it nice that the sexy dancers of the House of V come in all shapes, genders, and SIZES?!

Pssst! Just in case there are any ass-adorers out there--now is your time to shine :) My outfit curiously has no bottom!

/me thinks to herself, “Awww, sweeties, I don’t mind if you look when I am nude between costume changes :)” Yoru has often been the object of voyeurism: “I like it. Anyway, do you think I dance in the House of V because I like to be covered in lots of stuffy clothes?” *winks languidly and motions with her hand for you to approach closer...*

/me wonders if anyone remembers the pitiful bound dancer at the charity auction? Yoru was so helpless and enraged, the perfect SLEX slave. This outfit is how I was thrust to the front of the stage --cruelly but oh so hot! --look quickly, it will appear only for a heartbeat!

/me flutters her needle-pointed fan in front of her face and blows kisses saucily, sending winks as she dances, luring her guests closer as she sweeps her fan to cover first, her love-spot, then higher, pivoting her hips and undulating on the stage… is she removing her bra behind the fan? Yoru clearly wants to be naked... how naughty!

/me slips out of those silly pink panties that keep falling and puts on her latex fetish bathing suit--anyone thinking about swimming in my little wet pond?

/me jumps into her ballet shoes, twirls around the pole gracefully, then abruptly hugs the pole with both thighs, kicking high into the air, breathing the fresh air of sexual freedom... ahhh to be one of the dancers of House of V! Tell me, baby, have you ever seen ballet like this? *giggles out of control*

/me loves these pasties on her nipples, especially when her lover removes them after the show, with only lips, puckered, no nibbling allowed, just wet lips. It won't be easy, baby, you must suck them a long time to loosen them and... oh you see what I mean :) imagination is powerful, non cherie?

Yoru shivers in luscious delight as the red latex closes around her curves, gripping her buttocks into a perfect shape of an inverted heart--oh haven't you noticed?

oh my my anyone in need of a nurse? I forgot I had a nurse outfit--must find the bed that goes with it and start anesthetizing some avs *smiles* ... come get the oxygen right here darling, at the end of my red lips...

Yoru hopes you caught this last outfit--it doesn't leave much to the imagination but will fuel your fantasies at night for weeks...


Said the burly Hawaiian canoe paddler to Yoru one dark night: “Broke da eyes, wahine!” Who will refuse their eyes such a feast of femininity? Paddles, anyone? *grins evilly*

/me clicks curiously on the next dance, whose animation instantly draws her body tightly around the pole, forcing her crotch to push forcefully against its round, thrusting firmness, rising evilly upward, and she swoons, unable to help herself... this pole, I love it! I will make it my home...

/me looks down, shocked! How long has she been dancing with her panties fallen to her knees? Swinging her upper body nonchalantly down, breasts bulging dangerously out of her see-through lace bra, she tugs unsuccessfully at the panties, finally giving up. “I hope nobody notices…”

/me throws on some more clothes, then changes her mind and starts taking them back off again... oh the stress of being an erotic dancer--one never knows how much is too much... or too little! What you you like? Oh, let me guess *smiles appreciatively*

/me stomps a high-heeled boot and puckers her lips for a kiss... "That’s better darlings... time to take you for a sexy ride on my pole!" She slides her hand down her side and discovers she forgot her panties: "Wait! Don’t look! ….. awww, go ahead and look, it's very pretty in a pure woman kind of way--and besides, what do I care? I am a dancer at House of V!" *winks naughtily*

/me pulls her bra straps out wide on both sides, then lets them snap back with a loud *THWACK!* “I don’t feel like taking my bra off yet!” She involuntarily emits a low moan as she feels the reddening strips of soft skin where the straps smacked her flesh. She winks at the hot avs in the room and smiles, knowing how naughty she is, and lusciously not caring, not even a little bit!

/me can see nothing with the red blindfold covering her eyes, but savours the saucy conversation going on around her all the more, wondering if she is as naked as the cool breeze on her smooth pale skin is telling her...


/me looks out into the crowd, her dark eyes smoldering. As her body sways to the music, Yoru’s soft, supple skin slowly begins to glisten under the hot lights turned on her almost naked body. Her perfumed skin, her very scent, draws the men in… they want more bad girls of the House of V!

Oh darling, don't you think a dancer of the House of V can dance seductively with her arms bound tightly behind her? What would you like to bet on it? *winks* It makes my breasts protrude unnaturally, but it's pretty all the same...



/me pretends to rev her motorcycle engine, *Vroom, vroom, vroooooom!!* Shaking her hips and arching her breasts, she gets right up in your face and smiles sweetly: "Don't get too close or you might get burned!"

Awww, kiss the pretty avs and make them cry, Yoru!

10,000 years of breeding

/me licks her lips provocatively, her siren face ravishing, the result of 10,000 years of breeding, coupling only the choicest women of all Japan to the samurai warrior clans. Her smile brightens into a wicked grin, and she gazes into the room, searching for an unsuspecting lover to capture with her subtleties and insidious seductions.

/me coos in a low voice laden with honey: “Oh, darling, do you really think you are immune to Japanese Yoru’s charms in the heat of desire? You cannot resist 10 millennia of breeding stunning female beauty with perfect male muscle… it is inevitable that you succumb. Come, I will make it as delicious as possible...”

/me knows you cannot resist female thighs honed with 6,000 hours of martial arts, merged with 2,000 hours of training on the erotic pole of desire -- and 10X that in the battles between the sexes on her war-bed-- it is seduction unmatched in heaven or on earth! Where will you find such an apparition again?”

/me slides a finger into her mouth, sucking lasciviously… her tongue probes each finger, exploring it like a sculptured miniature, manly shaft, as she gazes out at the hot avs…oh so naughty thoughts running through her mind...sighing with a soft growl, flaunting her pretty thighs, she extracts her warm, wet fingers and waves them in the cool air, the excitement of her naughty, bad girl ways making her reckless, daring…

Did you know that the phrase "Dame Blanche" usually refers to a dessert, vanilla ice cream with molten dark-chocolate syrup on top? But Yoru has another dessert for you tonight, snow-white panties with jet-black pubic hairs peeking over the lace...

You want to share the dessert of Yoru's love? I will bring you two spoons, one for you and one for your lovely partner...

/me licks her finger and spanks her own ass as she realizes her thong panties have fallen to her knees. "Ouch, Papi! That’s hot! Careful you don't catch fire watching little Yoru dance!"

/me uses her slender, nimble fingers, to tease the lacy thong back up, its shimmering silver fabric tracing a rim of rising, whitened skin as it moves up over her smooth thighs, feeding the eyes, not just the men, but the women as well, as she wriggles it closer and closer to the dark pubic triangle it was intended to hide. Naughty Yoru--showing everything! But only for a moment... you must look quickly!

/me moans quietly, hoping nobody heard her, then whispers to herself in a low, naughty voice: "It simply must be legal to be this hot and sexy! What a boring world it would be without such darlings of the erotic dancing poles!"

/me flips back her hair and bites her lip, then runs her hands over the perilous curves of her sensuous body before she snaps her finger like the *crack* of a whip. In a sultry voice she murmurs, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a delicious night! Ahhh the beauty of the female body… doused in the spirit of seduction..."


HOW ABOUT BAD GIRLS? (Judging your audience for appropriateness)

/me licks her puckering, bright red lips, swings her hips wide and smacks her booty playfully with the Japanese knife fan… then pouts languidly and growls in a low, feminine voice, urgent with desire, "Any bad boys out there? How about bad girls? All the same to me..."

/me strokes her fan slowly across her chest, shivering involuntarily as its razor sharp samurai needlepoints trail perilously close to her skin. Yoru has the magic, yes yes, one only needs watch her lithe curves move to the music and listen to her confessions of desire to know the depth of her emotions… such fire is yours to pluck from the pole of desire!

/me looks boldly out at the audience and coos, “I have dark hair, dark eyes, and count on it baby, I am a girl who knows how to get dark thoughts under your skin!” She dips and sways in the music-filled House of V, and then puckers to give you a wet kiss from afar...

/me shakes her butt at you, laughing unabashed, "I know you got it, baby, c’mon, tell us what you want..." Oh my--it appears Yoru wants a little taste of your icing on her cake!

In Yoru's dream she saw herself with a man deep inside her, her flesh writhing, tightly clutching, their bodies instruments of love, sexual skin surrounding special areas of the most erotic zones of woman or man...

/me steps out and opens her legs wide and bends her knees low, stroking her hands up the insides of her legs, digging her fingernails into the soft thighs, making her wince with pain, just a little sweet pain, posing with her eyes sweeping over her luscious curves. Oh Yoru! You need to cool down, girl, you're going to scorch the dancing pole!

/me knows she has been a bad, bad girl... but looks at you over her shoulder anyway as she swings her legs high in the air, opening them wide, giving a little bounce and smacking her ass. Then, slithering to her knees, she whispers hoarsely, "C'mon daddy! Come watch me be naughty. Bring your lover, too, she wants some honey, just like you!"

/me smiles with a wicked little tilt to her lips, looking around for a likely playmate, she swings around the pole and pushes her buttcheeks out for your inspection, offering her perfect ass for a little spanking, “Oh yes, just a little more baby… please… C'mon sugar… I’m gonna make your coffee brew, your cake rise, your milk boil, your bread toast!”


/me gathers your big load in her mouth and keeps her lips sealed on your manhood and savours the intense sensation of cock floating in semen--the texture and the taste are from somewhere beyond this earth... sexual celestial sensual all in one man."Oh... The fantasies one has dancing on the erotic poles!"

/me throws herself at your feet, naked. She is moist in two places of her body: between her thighs because she desires you; and in both eyes because she loves you."

"Ca c'est une bonne dose de foutre..." Oh my! that's very naughty French he said to me--whatever was I doing to him? *smiles coquettishly* Please don't look it up--it's too embarrassing!



...for reading all the way to the very end: you may kiss my buttcheeks goodbye! Better yet, come watch the erotic girls dance...

"I am stepping down, front pole free!" It is the custom of the dancers at House of V to politely alert their sexy colleagues to come dance on the poles of desire...


Come darling, I am thirsty for connection after all that dancing and emoting--shall we dance the tango of love, just you and I?

(Writer's note: Many of these emotes occur spontaneously while dancing on the pole at the House of V, a BDSM club in Second Life. Some of these erotic lines are in the story "THE ECCENTRIC HERO AND THE DANCING GIRL: (1. Until I beg you thrice to fuck me)" at http://youryoru.blogspot.com/2015/07/th ... irl-1.html )

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