Thurnock Nightfire - Supervisor - Dominant Mentor Program

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Thurnock Nightfire - Supervisor - Dominant Mentor Program

Postby Thurnock Nightfire » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:10 pm

I am passionate about the D/s lifestyle. I have been in several BDSM RP SIMs including Gor and Beauty.

I love mentoring and getting people who want to learn connected to those who want to learn. This lifestyle is a very beautiful thing when done correctly, yet can be very dangerous when abused. This is why both the submissive and Dominant mentor programs are so important. Dominants need to learn to do it right, submissives need to learn not only how to please and be submissive, but to know the warning signs as well, knowing when to get out. I'm proud to be a part of HoV and supervising the Dominant program at the club.

I really enjoy showing people the difference between RP and RL BDSM in a SL environment. I enjoy teaching people how to emote with more passion and detail to make their SL as real as possible. Questions and IMs are welcome. Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Thurnock Nightfire - Supervisor - Dominant Mentor Progra

Postby Rheahibilitation Resident » Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:25 am

welcome to the forum my Master!! <3333

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